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Parties. I love them! Attending them is always fun, but that can't always be said about planning one. Here are a few of the basics that will help make for an amazing New Years (or any occasion) shindig.


Games: Everyone knows the classics. Monopoly, charades, Twister....they're all great BUT you might want to change it up. Try something new this year. A super fun card game that both kids AND adults will enjoy is SPOONS. You can click the link for easy instructions. One of my ALL time favorites is The Whisper Challenge (as seen on Jimmy Fallon). We play at every office party, and it is always a big hit. I'm talking laugh until you cry kinda fun.

 When all else fails, just add drinking (if you're into that sort of thing) to any classic game.

Food: A must have! I suggest a buffet style of finger foods instead of a full sit down dinner. You can even have guests chip in and bring their favorites. My mouth is watering just looking at these recipes. Check them out HERE and HERE. Don't forget desserts and drinks! Another tip....pizza. You can't go wrong with pizza.



Music: A party isn't complete without some music. Your playlist can range from chill and cool acoustic mixes to ultimate dance party anthems. Maybe even both! There are even apps you can download so your friends can add to your party playlist or request songs. Some examples are Partify or POW WOW. So avoid the sound of crickets at your New Year's bash, let the music play until the wee hours of the night.


Friends: No one wants to party alone! Invite your closest friends, or invite everyone you've ever known since Kindergarten. Maybe a room full of cats is what you want....do it! Whatever makes you happy, after all it is YOUR party!


Now that you have the basics, get to planning! Just remember that the most important part of a party is FUN! You just need to customize it to your personal level and ENJOY!

Cheers to a New Year from Peaches & Petals


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