• How do I enter?
    • Easy! Just post your #UNBOXING experience on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use Hashtags #peachesbox #peachesandpetals, and then send us the link via email social@peachesandpetals.com. If you prefer to write a blog post or produce a youtube video blog, those are also welcome!
  • How many times can I enter?
    • Up to 5 entries per person, if you have an account with all 5.
  • How are you going to select the winner?
    • We will add your "entry" into a raffle-copter type system that will select the winner for us.
  • How and where will you announce the winner?
    • Various places! On this blog, via email, via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, and probably even on the main landing page of the site.
  • Do I have to have an account with a subscription to enter? 
    • Yep! How would you be able to unbox a P+P box if you didn't subscribe to one?
  • Last month you gave away FREE Thank You gifts for sharing, will you be doing that in tandem with the giveaway?
    • YOU BETCHA! But you gotta send us an email. Pretty please ;)

If you have any more questions, feel free to post it in the comments below! Thank you for participating! We hope you enjoy your OCTOBER BOX! Yay!

Vantha and the P+P Team!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Vantha Embry
Vantha Embry 05 Oct 18:14

Your welcome @Grace! @Gwen, hope you enjoy it. @Donna, make sure to jump into the Rafflecopter and send in those links!

Vantha Embry
Vantha Embry 05 Oct 18:08

Hi There!

Thank you for commenting. Please send all customer support comments to support@jamminbutter.com. Unfortunately, they can’t help you here. We also have Live Chat during business hours as well. I just wanted to let you know that the Rafflecopter is set up, and ready to accept all of your wonderful #unboxing experiences that is posted on the various places we mentioned.

If you’ve already posted in some places, remember we need an email of the link. Send it through RaffleCopter and it’ll be logged there.

Thank, and please comment if you have any issues!

I am new to the boxes this will be my second so I am excited

Evelyn Fraser
Evelyn Fraser 02 Oct 15:28

I did not receive my first package which was ordered and paid for on Sept 11.

I shared the handbag giveaway on twitter @donnadmb, facebook donna’s reviews and giveaways and google+ Donna B

GRACE DRAPEAU 02 Oct 12:06

I am just loving receiving my P&P Boxes. Last month there was a Peacock Pendant and it had incredible significance to me. A dear friend of mine who we referred to as THE PEACOCK passed away a few years ago. He always wished me a Happy Birthday and as I head into my birthday month… to have that Peacock show up, it was like he sent me his love and best wishes from the other side. I’m wearing it constantly. Thanks for the FUN!

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