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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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I love surprises.  I was never one to snoop for Christmas or birthday presents.  I even cried one year when I accidentally uncovered a couple.  Weird I know but I really like being surprised when I open a gift.  So I love the idea of monthly subscriptions where you receive a box of mystery goodies.  Peaches & Petals is a new monthly service that sends you a box filled with great beauty and fashion accessories. Each box contains 3-5 items with everything from scarves, rings, and watches to mud masks, nail polish, and blush. I was so excited to try out a box for myself!


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First off, the box that the items came in was so cute!  It’s nice and sturdy and can be used to store extra things like jewelry, scarves, or beauty items.


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Inside, the items were wrapped in pretty floral tissue paper. The nice presentation just made the box even more exciting.

So here’s what was inside:


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So Clean So Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes


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These worked well and I keep them by my bed for nights when I’m so tired I forget to wash my face (as a mom to 6, that happens regularly!).

GLAM by Kim Kardashian Perfume


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This has a fruity scent with a little bit of musk.  I liked it and it passed the hubby test!

Adhesive Branch Magnet Board


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I admit, this one had me stumped for a minute.  But once I played around with it, I thought of several uses for it.  You just peel the backing off the back of the tree and then attach the magnetic leaves anywhere on it.  I plan on putting it on my bathroom wall and hanging bracelets and necklaces from it.

Yes to Carrots Super Rich Body Butter


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I really liked this cream!  It’s nice and thick, absorbs quickly and has a light baby powder scent.

5-Strand Fashion Bracelet


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This bracelet is super cute!  I love the mix of rhinestones, beads, and faux pearls.  The off white gold colors are really and I can wear this bracelet with many different outfits.

Triple Strand Necklace


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I think this may have been my favorite item!  It’s gold tone with a faux pearl bar on the middle strand.  This necklace really dresses up a plain black or white tee.

I searched to find the value of all the items I received.  This is what I came up with.

Wipes- $4.50

Perfume- $12.00

Magnet- $6.00

Body Cream- $6.00

Bracelet- $6.00

Necklace- couldn’t find this one but I’m guessing it would have cost me around $10 at the store.

That’s $42.50 in products.  And the box only costs $14.99 a month with free shipping!  I was really impressed and think this is a great value!  You could easily spend $15 on just one necklace.  With Peaches & Pearls, you get a whole box each month filled with fun items delivered right to your door!

When you sign up for Peaches and Petals,  will receive 50% off your first box by using code PEACHTIARA.  That means you only pay $7.50 for the first month!  Plus THREE lucky winners will receive one box free!

Read more at http://www.mudpiesandtiaras.com/#2fswwAk5RRqQpc46.99

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