Shorts season is among us! For many of us, that means shaving our legs on a regular basis! (boo, hiss) For those that want a lasting smooth shave, we've got some helpful tips to help make that happen.

1. Exfoliate! Use a sea salt or sugar scrub and a dry brush before shaving. This helps remove dead skin cells, and helps perk up even the shortest of leg hair.

2. Soak! Take a hot bath or let the hot water from the shower hit your legs for 10-15 minutes before starting to shave. This softens the hair and allows for a smooth and painless shaving experience.

3. Use shaving cream or gel! This helps to prevent nicks and cuts! Nothing hurts quite like a fresh cut in hot water. Ouch! Don't make band-aids your newest fashion accessory!

4. Use a good razor! They're worth every penny! The cheap ones will end up causing razor burn and you'll wish you had spent the extra few bucks. We prefer a razor with at least 3 blades. You can also try a razor subscription service!

5. Slow down! It's not a race. Take your time..especially around knees and ankles. Start from the bottom and work your way up. :)

6. Moisturize! The final step is to apply a lotion to keep your legs feeling soft and smooth. Voilà!

Now that your legs are ready for the warm weather, enjoy the work you just put into them!

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