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Spring is in the air and the flowers are starting to bloom. We love anything floral, so this craft is right up our alley. We stumbled across The Mrs. & Momma Bird's original post and thought this is just TOO pretty not to share!

Let's get crafting!

What you'll need:
flowers of your choice, hot glue gun, sharpies, scissors, & a sheet of cardboard
(image via The Mrs & Momma Bird)


 STEP 1:
Pick your flowers. Make sure they vary in sizes, it really brings the look together. Next you'll pluck the flowers off their stems, and remove all the leaves and clip off any extra wires.

Draw or trace a letter onto a piece of cardboard, cut it out. Another option is to just buy a pre-cut letter at any craft store.
STEP 3:  
Start placing your flowers and gluing! I placed the larger flowers first, then filled in the rest of the space with smaller ones.
I think we'll spruce up the office will a few of these!

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