Now that Valentine's Day is over, love is no longer lingering in the air for some. Break-ups are tough, but this doesn't have to be the worst time of your life! We've got some tips to help you through even the roughest of days! So perk up buttercup! We'll get you through this.


Talk It Out! Don't keep how you are feeling bottled up. Talk to your girlfriends, your mom, your cat...whoever! Just vent to someone. You'll be surprised at how great it feels to just let it all out!


Get Moving! Exercise is a great distraction from any trouble life hands you. Take a kickboxing class to get out that extra aggression, do yoga to zen out, or just go for a daily walk. You'll feel better mentally and physically!


Embrace The Feelings! Sometimes people forget they're allowed to have feelings. Cry if you want to cry, scream if you want to scream, or just be alone for awhile. If these things make you feel better and help you cope....then they're a-okay! Tell yourself that this moment is temporary, but allow yourself to feel however you want within that moment.


Avoid Social Media! Don't post your entire break-up story to your news feed. As much as you want to vent, social media isn't always the best place to do so. You'll also stir up unwanted drama, which will make the moving on process that much longer. Unfriend your ex and try to avoid checking their every social move at all costs!


Take The High Road! Some break ups are messy. Be the bigger person, and just walk away from the fussing and fighting. You'll feel better about how things are ending, and you'll feel better about yourself for doing so. Let karma do the rest. ;)


Go Out! Drag yourself out of bed, and get outside! Go out with friend, go hiking with your dog, or just sit outside alone. The great outdoors have magical powers and can heal the soul. It's a beautiful world, and exploring it will brighten your life.


Enjoy Being Single! You might surprise yourself with how much you like it! It's not a forever thing, it's just a RIGHT now thing.


And last but not least....Avoid Your Ex! Avoid them like the plague! This means no drunk dialing, no driving by their house, and no hitting up their favorite spots. Again, this isn't a forever thing. Once you've actually accepted the break up, and moved on....running into an ex won't cause any issues. You'll smile, exchange hellos, and go on with your day.


So remember to take it one day at at time, and you'll be just fine! Let us know your greatest break-up advice in the comments!

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