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**Spoiler Alert - If you have not received your January Peaches & Petals box and want it to remain a surprise, please stop reading!

Peaches & Petals Subscription Box – January 2016 Review and Giveaway

There are things that I want to purchase but for whatever reason I put the purchase off – this is not intentional, but the way life works out at times. I love to get mail, it is one of the reasons I became a review blogger, the more mail the better. One of my favorite pieces of mail to get is monthly subscription boxes. I love the element of surprise and getting a peek into the creativity of others. I love to see what is included and love to wonder what makes an item worthy of inclusion.

Peaches and Petals is taking this concept of a wonder and surprise and bringing it to each monthly box. This is a subscription box that caters to ‘fun. flirty, fashionable vintage and modern lifestyles’. What this means to you as the subscriber? Each month you will receive 3-5 items hand selected by the Peaches and Petals team and that can range from books, household items, nail polish, makeup, scarves or/and a vintage piece of jewelry. Other items can be included, depending on the box and theme for the month.

I have been getting this box for a couple of months (see previous box review here) and what I continue to really like about this box is that it that they strive to make sure the items useful, stylish and relevant and of high quality. It is remains to be obvious that Peaches and Petals is continuing to doing things different.

The box was full of useful items, and included the following:

Hamilton Beach – 17 oz Fruit Infuser Bottle: The first thing that needs to be said about this is that it is glass, which seems normal but gives it a more solid feel than a plastic bottle would. The bottle was wrapped safely in bubble wrap and arrived in perfect shape. This allows you to take cold water, with your favorite fruits to make your own personal “spagua”. This BPA free, silicone gripped covered glass bottle has a removable fruit basket for adding anything from lemons, limes, blueberries to name a few – it us up to you. 

Selfie Stick: I have been wanting a selfie stick for quite some time, as a reviewer I have a need to take photos of myself and a selfie stick makes this a little easier. Unlike the blue-tooth selfie sticks available, this one plugs into the audio jack and has a button on the handle. The handle extend from 12 inches to 27 inches which makes it versatile for almost any situation. I found this not only easy to use, but very convenient to hook up – it is going to make a world of difference in my photos.

Leaf Gold Bracelet: This is a gold-colored bracelet with a leave on each side. This has a little give in it to get around wrists of any size. I love the leaf pattern that connects the two sides and this would be cute with the infinity scarf that was included in a box a couple of months ago.

Healthy Home-Style Cooking Cookbook: This book is compiled by Family Circle and is over 320 pages of recipes and ingredient rich foods. There are kid-friendly recipes included (denoted with a star) and meals that can be made within 30 minutes (denoted by a 30 second clock). The book is broken down into chapters that include topics such as Pleasing Poultry, Smart Snacks & Starters, Simply Sides and Sweet Somethings. As I was thumbing through this book with Jason, we saw many meals that we want to make.

Inspirational Decal – To Live Will be an Awfully Big Adventure:  I have always loved stickers, so much so that i still have my original sticker book from when I was a child. As I have gotten older I have moved away from the cartoon characters I used to collect to more quotes and inspiration. This is sticker is a nice reminder that life is an adventure and we must remember that and embrace each day.

This months box came in a large white box that is big enough to reuse. The box comes with a glossy full color manifest/postcard that lists all the items included in the box. As Peaches and Petals finds their place in an already crowded subscription box market they have distinguished themselves. I look forward to seeing what else Peaches & Petals has in store for their subscribers as time evolves and as they evolve. There was also a spoiler postcard announcing what next months guaranteed item is – THEMED THROW PILLOW COVER!!!!

Jason even thinks this is a great value – which he never makes comments on these boxes and mentioned that it is a great deal if this is in your wheelhouse. With my coupon code this box is a GREAT deal!!

It is obvious that the total value of this box far surpasses the $19.99 monthly cost and continues to be the best deal in the subscription box market!

Each monthly subscription are $19.99/month – pay as you go and shipping is included in the cost each month, enter the below code and your 1st box will be $9.99 – a 50% discount!!!! It is important to note that this code is only valid on the monthly subscription option, and will not work on a 3, 6, or 12 month payment option.

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