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Peaches and Petals December 2015 Review + Coupon. 50% Off! AND January 2016 Spoiler!

Peaches and Petals Review + Coupon. Peaches & Petals send fun, flirty, vintage modern lifestyle items, accessories, and beauty items every month.

Peaches & Petals is $14.99 a month with free shipping. Use codePEACHSBFAM and your first month will be $7.49! You can check them out HERE. Easy account cancel.

Information Card detailing the items. “Treat Your Self” is the theme.

Swissco Spa Bella Soothing Gel Eye Mask. Value $8. This can be used hot or cold. Just microwave or freeze/refrigerate.

Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar. Value $1. These are the perfect shape for stockings! Or to just eat. =)

C. Booth Lavender Mineral Bath Soak. Value $14.99. This is a big bottle and it smells really good. It made the whole room smell good.

Kimono Style Robe. Value $10? It’s too large to get a full picture.

Here’s the spoiler picture. It does look just like that! And it should fit up to at least a size XL. The kimono style makes the arms larger and it has the tie to fit smaller bodies.


The fabric isn’t the softest. I think I’ll add some fabric softner and hang it to dry. That should help.

Convertible Necklace. Wear them all together or separately. This is probably my favorite item. It is well made and I love the green for the holidays. Plus, I’m a sucker for convertible style necklaces. I love switching it up! And the earrings match!

 I’m not sure of the value of this set. It has a nice weight to it & it doesn’t feel cheap. I think that is the most important thing. I’ll add $6 to my total. It’s worth at least that.

Total Value $40.99. Cost of the box $14.99. Or $7.49 for your first box. I think they did a good job this month. It feels like everything is “Treat Yourself” items and I will use everything.

Just a FYI: If you want high end products, this isn’t the box for you. Not everyone can afford the high priced boxes and I think this is a great alternative! If you want a low cost, cute & usuable items box, this is the box for you. The items are cute & usable. If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE! Don’t forget code PEACHSBFAM for the 50% off.

Here’s the January 2016 Spoiler!

Am I the only one who thinks this is a great January item? With everyone making their New Year Resolutions I’m sure this will be great for quite a few people!


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