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Peaches and Petals Subscription Review + Coupon – December 2015

Peaches and Petals is a lifestyle and beauty box with a retro sort of leaning. They promise a mix of products that are both bring beauty and style to your door each month. I could probably use more of both every day to be honest.

Cost: $14.99 a month.

Use Coupon Code: PEACHISTA for 50% off your first month

Peaches and Petals!

December is about Treating Yourself!

When you think about we all treat ourselves it is just that some of us treat ourselves well and others don’t…

Kimono Style Silk Peacock Robe: This was the guaranteed spoiler and they came though! I actually really love the style of this robe because it is light and will make a great “don’t mind me I am just riding the elevator up to the pool” cover up. The color is vibrant in person and the print is cute! It was a once size fits all and at 5’10 it does fit me.

These remind me of the robes you can get in Chinatown and while they aren’t a luxurious silk it is softer then I thought it would be. It is thin and light. Perfect for pretending to be an old time Hollywood Starlet without the huge price tag.

I want to wear this while I apply red lipstick with huge rollers on my hair! 


Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar: Chocolate is always a win and I like the Lindt brand a lot! This bar is just the right size to get your chocolate fix without feeling depressed after you finish it. Double win right?

Lindt commercials make me believe they have a sea of chocolate at their factory…

C. Booth Lavender Mineral Bath Soak: I have used this brand before and really liked it. I once got a sample from a beauty bag drugstore.com was giving out. Anyway, I like the smell of this and am a lavender fan. The subscription box world has taught me that there are many people in the world who do not like the same exact things as me, which while perplexing, leads me to conclude that there will be some ladies who will not like getting this scent.

I really need to put my claw foot tub to more use! 

Emerald Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set: This set is super cute! I like getting matching sets because it takes the pressure off of me. Which makes me sorta wonder what doesn’t stress me out these days? The answer is drinking wine. The necklace allows you to pick and choose if you which strands you want to wear, so if you are weird about odd numbers you can go with just two at a time.

I think this goes with the peacocks! 

Spa Bella Hot or Cold Rejuvenating Eye Mask: Pretty nice to be able to use this as a warm compress or cold to banish those eye bags that have been showing up under my worried eyes! I would probably only use this as a cold mask because for a warm mask I prefer the bean bag type.

Could be a hit with those party girl raccoon’s who have yet to discover glitter!


Verdict: Peaches and Petals did a nice job with the theme and I think they provided a good value for the price of their box. I am going to use the robe, and likely will be wearing it when I eat my chocolate bar. I am all about treating myself and I think the items were focused on that!

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