We did it! We made it through 2015...

We are ready to make 2016 the absolute best year ever! Whether it be traveling more, conquering the gym, asking for that raise you deserve, we all deserve to aim a little higher and push ourselves to be the happiest we can be. That's our for our January box, its all about #LetsDoThis - nows the time to start building a wonderful future by designing it in the present! Our box is just that, filled with ways to inspire you for the future!

Try a new (and healthy) recipe with our cookbook! Curb your sugar intake with our fan-favorite Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, it's the perfect way to swap soda for H20 in a tasty way. Capture all of your adventures with our Selfie Stick - which also enters you into our "Experience of a Lifetime" giveaway!! Check out what all comes in your January Peaches & Petals box below.

Ready to stop talking and start doing?? Us too! Cheers to more adventures and doing more things that scare you, even just a little! Happy 2016 peaches!

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